Air Quality

Reducing air pollution is a major challenge worldwide. Avensys offers their experience and application knowledge to help determine the best Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AQMS) to suit your needs.

Air Quality Monitors

Particulate Monitors

Gas and Odor Monitoring Mini-Stations

Air Quality Monitoring Shelters and Mobile Stations

Solar Powered Monitoring Systems

Mercury Measurement

Drone Based Pollutant Monitoring

Environmental Remote Monitoring System

Weather Stations

Gas Generators/ Calibrators

ENVEA - More than 40 years of experience in the field of Air Quality Monitoring

Gas Detection

Case Studies:

Monitoring odor dispersion at the world’s largest WWTP thanks to Cairnet® & Cairsens®

Today Cairsens® micro-sensors are responsible for real-time monitoring of odor dispersion for one of the largest water reclamation plants in addition to six other plants and 22 pumping stations. 

Turnkey Custom AQMS shelters: ENVEA partner of Atmo Aura (national network) for air quality monitoring

Measurement of particulate matter and ozone | MP101M & O342e. Renewal of analyzers for measuring particulate matter and ozone.

ENVEA equips air quality
monitoring stations as part
of “Clean Air” program

The objective: switch to a sustainable natural resources management model, and improve living standards for 20 millions of Russian citizens who currently live in adverse environmental conditions. 

DR2000 Air Quality Monitoring

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