Bulk Solids Processing Solutions

Problems with handling Bulk Solids can have a significant impact on product quality, process productivity and safety. Avensys Solutions has a variety of solution options and expertise in determining the best one to suit your needs.

Bulk Solid Measurement

Working in a wide range of applications from heavy industries such as power, minerals and steel to complex processes in the chemical and food industries, our instrumentation for the monitoring of powder, dust and gas helps to make processes more reliable, increases efficiency and creates cost reduction benefits. 

MaxxFlow HTC Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Solid Flow  2.0 Microwave Sensor for On-line Measurement 

Flow Jam S Microwave Sensor for Material Flow

M-Sens 3 Microwave Sensor for Moisture Measurement

DensFlow Sensor for Density and Speed

PicoFlow Flow Measurement at Low Solid/Air Ratios

ProGap 2.0 BS Microwave Barrier

AirSafe 2 Continuous Air Dust Monitor


Contactless material flow detection on conveyor belts 

Our customer in agriculture industry transports corn cobs via a conveyor belt. He was looking for an easy to install and maintain solution to monitor whether material flows on top of their conveyor belt.

Moisture measurement of wood chips with M-Sens

The operator of a biofuel plant was looking for a solution that would provide him with information
on the moisture content of the biomass (wood chips) before transportation into the combustion chamber in order to optimally adjust the combustion air.

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