Gas Analyzers

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Moisture Analyzers

These Analyzers use field proven aluminum oxide (Al2O3) sensing technology to accurately detect trace moisture

Combustion Analyzers

Make combustion and emission monitoring fast, accurate and painless

Mercury Emissions

Approved and certified monitors for continuous measurement of mercury concentrations in industrial stacks

Biogas Analyzers

Individual, Multi-Functional and Expandable

Infrared Analyzers

Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) and Gas Filter Correlation (GFC)

Hydrocarbon Analyzers

Total Hydrocarbon Flamme Ionization Analyzers

Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers

In-Situ Cross-Duct TDLAS Analyzers

Thermal Conductivity Analyzers

Analyzers for binary or multi-component sample gas streams

Gas Monitors

Approved and certified gas monitors

Particulate Monitoring

Particulate CEM for Dry and Wet Gas Streams

Flue Gas Velocity

Pitot Stackflow 200 and Ultrasonic Stackflow 400

Oxygen Analyzers

Paramagnetic and Micro-Fuel Cell (PPM & Percent)

Case Studies

Low NOx emission control: ENVEA to equip new biomass power plant in French Guiana

The biomass facility will feature DeNOx treatment systems. In order to comply with low-NOx emission regulations, Berkes has selected ENVEA to provide the CEMS monitoring solution, based on the field proven QAL1 certified MIR 9000H heated IR-GFC analyzer. It will monitor continuously flue gas flow emissions of SO2, NOx, CO, O2 and NH3. 

Solutions for process optimization
Waste to energy | Incineration 

Interractive document: click on the numbers on the schematics to discover solutions for each part of the process.

In addition to the importance of regulatory compliance, the process control and treatment of flue gases from waste-to-energy processes represents a significant proportion of overall costs, therefore, quality data from emissions and process monitoring provides valuable feedback on the process performance providing greater efficiency and control.

Process flue gas monitoring for combustion optimization

Combustion has a number of outputs such as the ash and the emission to the atmosphere of flue gas. Before the flue gas cleaning system, if installed, the flue gases may contain particulate matter, heavy metals, dioxins, furans, sulfur dioxide, and hydrochloric acid. If plants have inadequate flue gas cleaning, these outputs may add a significant pollution component to stack emissions.

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