Sewer Overflow and Pump Station Monitoring

A pump station offers convenience when installing a sewage system, and has a potential of cutting construction cost. Pump stations are fitted with remote monitoring systems, which keep operators updated.

Ultrasonic/Hydrostatic Flowmeter

Sewer/Pump Station Overflow

Monitoring Overflow Software

Pump Station Monitor for Constant Speed Pump/Overflow

Pump Station Monitor for Variable Speed Pump/Overflow

Intelligent Logger Multi-Input

Try our technology. It will meet your needs and more. Installation in pump stations with constant speed pumps is quick and easy.  Seriously, try it!

Sewer Overflow Monitor | Flowmaid

The FlowMaid is a small monitoring device used to record level, flow, volume and discrete events. It calculates the volume lost in a SSO event using the Manning equation. As an open channel flow meter, the user can select from 11 flow formulas.

Constant Speed Pumps Wastewater Lift Station Flow Meter | Volucalc Hybrid CS

Volucalc™ Hybrid CS is a constant speed pump flow meter for 1 to 4 pumps with a flow proportional 4-20mA output and TCP/IP MODBUS communication.

Digital Flow Meter for Lift Station Monitoring | Volucalc Hybrid VS

The Volucalc Hybrid™ VS uses calibrated pump curves to derive flow rate. Its accuracy is directly proportional to the quality of the calibration.

MaidMaps™ Scada

MaidMaps™ is a Web-based SCADA application that allows users to remotely view on their computers, tablets or phones, the following data in real time: flows, levels, alarms and other important data.


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SoftMaid™ is the only Software designed specifically to analyze all Municipal and industrial data related to Wastewater pump stations in order to automatically discover and highlight abnormal behaviors before they become emergencies.

The MJK Expert™ 3400 hydrostatic level transmitter is accurate and has long term stability. It is very robust and designed for applications in rough environments with aggressive chemicals and fluids.

Volucalc Hybrid for Lift Stations with Constant Speed Pumps

In depth presentation of the Volucalc CS lift station diagnostic flow meter using the product brochure .

Pump Station Testing For Sustainable Operation

• Causes of Poor Pump Performance 

• Importance of Evaluation 
• Purpose of Our Testing 
• Equipment and Capabilities 
• Outputs and Deliverables 
• Case Study

White Paper: High Accuracy Flow Data & Diagnostics Reduces Operational Costs of Pump Stations 

How to Decrease the Cost of Operation of Lift Stations - Video

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