E-Series Ultrasonic Meters for Residential Applications


E-Series® Ultrasonic water meters use solid-state technology in a compact, totally encapsulated, weatherproof and UV-resistant housing. These meters feature an easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display and are suitable for residential and light commercial smart water meter applications.

  • Size : 5/8…2 in.
  • Temperature Range : 34…140 °F
  • Flow Range : 0.05…160 gpm
  • Pressure Range : Up to 175 PSI


  • Brand


Badger Meter


E-Series Ultrasonic meters for residential applications offer increased performance to improve reliability and maximize revenue.

  • Reliable Operation. Easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display reports consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication and alarms.
  • Long-Term, Sustained Accuracy. Long-term sustained accuracy within +1.5% and extended low flow accuracy within +3%.
  • Smart Water Ready. Pairs with ORION® endpoints and BEACON® SaaS suite to establish an AMI or AMR smart water solution.


  • Size
    5/8…2 in.
  • Temperature Range
    34…140 °F
  • Flow Range
    5/8 in. & 5/8 x 3/4in.: 0.05…25 gpm
    3/4 in.: 0.05…32 gpm
    1 in.: 0.16…62 gpm
    1-1/2 in.: 0.40…100 gpm
    2 in.: 0.50…160 gpm
  • Pressure Range
    Up to 175 PSI
  • Power Supply
    3.6-volt lithium thionyl chloride battery (20-year battery life)
  • Accuracy
    ±1.5% long-term sustained accuracy over the normal flow range
    ±3.0% from the extended low flow range to the minimum flow value

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