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Bulk Solids - Problems with handling Bulk Solids can have a significant impact on product quality, process productivity and safety.

Open Channel - Avensys provides reliable flow measurement systems for clean water, wastewater and environmental applications.

Biogas - Organic industrial waste from food processing and slaughterhouses, food waste from restaurants and homes, manure collected from livestock, as well as energy crops can be digested in anerobic conditions in reactor tanks, also called fermentation towers.

Overflow and Pump Station Monitoring - Simply add what is missing to a working wastewater pump station.

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Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)
Industrial Gas
Industrial Processes
Nuclear Industry
Oil & Gas
Water & Wastewater

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Water Samplers and Flowmeters Gas and Liquid Analyzers
Biogas and Landfill Gas AnalyzersRemote Monitoring Devices Flowmeters
Moisture, Thickness and Density MetersPoint and Continuous Level InstrumentsCombustion and Emissions Analyzers
Particulate and Opacity AnalyzersToxic and Combustible Gas Detectors
Expert in Solvent Vapor Monitoring Portable Volumetric Weirs