Wastewater Samplers

Avensys, along with their experience and application knowledge, partner with Teledyne ISCO to supply flowmeters and samplers that are the first choice for use in demanding applications. 

GLS Compact Composite Sampler

It's a great little sampler!

6712C Compact Portable Sampler

Wide range of bottle configurations, plug-in flow and parameter monitoring - and ISCO reliability

3700 Full-Size Portable Sampler

Full-size performance and flexibility

5800 Sequential/Composite Sampler

The only choice for stationary sampling in both municipal and industrial wastewater applications

6712FR Fiberglass Refrigerated Sampler

Advanced 6712 sampling in our top-of-the-line FR refrigerator

Avalanche® Multi-bottle, Multi-function Sampler

Advanced sampling and data logging with transportable, dual-power cooling

Glacier® Composite Sampler

It’s a brand new kind of sampler!

700 Series Modules

Measure flow or water quality parameters with one advanced sampler

Sampler Accessories and Options

Teledyne ISCO samplers are exceptionally versatile as well as durable and reliable

2100 Series Flow Modules

Modular design and easy configuration for a wide range of networked open-channel flow monitoring applications

Optima-QLS All Season Refrigerated Composite/ Sequential Vacuum Sampler

Wide range of bottle configurations and QCEC reliability

PLATINUM Vacuum Sampler

Two Models for All-Season, Refrigerated Wastewater Sampling

Case Studies

Active Stormwater Runoff Monitoring

The Signature Flow Meter with TIENet 350 Area Velocity (AV) Sensor from Teledyne Isco is used for stormwater monitoring at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Biberach, Germany. The results are used to estimate runoff from the WWTP.

Remote Industrial Wastewater Monitoring

A 6712 full-size automatic sampler from Teledyne Isco, Inc. is at the heart of portable systems that remotely monitor water quality from industrial sites
in Granada, Spain.

Monitoring of Blue-Green Algae in Lake Winnebago

The Teledyne Isco 6712 portable sampler was used to monitor not only the production of the blue-green algal in Lake Winnebago, but also any algae toxins that could contaminate the surrounding community’s drinking water.


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