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Nuclear technology offers a valuable tool for monitoring industrial processes and protecting the environment.
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Nuclear techniques can be used to identify the source of environmental contamination, such as in the case of nuclear accidents or incidents. This information can be used to better understand the impact of the contamination and to develop effective remediation strategies. One example is in the use of nuclear radiation to measure the thickness of materials in industrial settings. Nuclear techniques can also be used to monitor air and water quality, as well as to detect and measure pollutants. It is important to ensure that these technologies are used safely and responsibly to minimize the risks associated with radiation exposure.

Annunciators / Alarm Management

Annunciators/Alarm Management involves the use of warning devices to alert operators when there is a deviation from the normal operating conditions.
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Power Monitoring

Power monitoring helps to identify potential issues with electrical systems, such as overloading, voltage drops, and power quality problems, which can lead to costly downtime and equipment damage.

Level Measurement

Level measurement is the process of determining the amount of fluid or material in a container, tank, or pipeline.


Gas Flowmeters

Flowmeters allow for real-time data collection and analysis, enabling operators to make informed decisions about their processes.