Open Channel Flow Monitoring

Avensys provides reliable flow measurement systems for clean water, wastewater and environmental applications. Our flow meter range cover all technologies including ultrasonic, hydrostatic and laser and supported by extensive field experience.

Flow Meter & Level Measurement

Storm & Waste Water Flow Measurement

Non-Contact & Submerged Area Velocity

Compliance Monitoring

Remote Level

Flow Meter and Level Measuring Instruments

LaserFlow® Velocity Sensors

Signature® Flow Meter

DuraTracker® Flowmeter

Flowlink® Cipher Software

700 Series Modules to Measure Flow, Level and pH

Volucalc Hybrid Pump Station Monitoring

Wavelet™ IoT - Multifunction Logger for Remote Monitoring

U-Sonic R for Flow and Level Measurement

Flow Measurement Flumes

Portable Volumetric Weirs


Industrial Non-Contact Flow Measurement

Teledyne ISCO’s Signature® flowmeter, LaserFlow® non-contact sensor, and 5800 sampler installed at the discharge
outlet of the Klatovy poultry plant for accurate sampling and flow measurement for billing purposes.

The Metropolitan Sewer
District of Greater
Cincinnati (MSDGC)

Before implementing Ayyeka’s technology,
MSDGC utilized several hundred dataloggers.

Inflow and Infiltration Studies with ISCO Flow Loggers

The 2150 Flow Logger and Rain Gauge from Teledyne Isco, Inc. are integral elements of the Sanitary Sewer Collection System (SSCS) in the city of Falls City, Nebraska.

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