Model 6700U Organics Analyzer


Teledyne’s 6700U leverages ultraviolet absorption (UVA) detection to measure for certain dissolved organic substances in water  treatment and wastewater applications. Absorption of UV light at the 254 nm band is an indication of the presence of disinfection byproducts (DBPs), tri-halo methanes​​ (TTHM) and halo-acetic acids (HAA). The 6700U provides an on-line measurement without reagents and utility gases required.

  • Brand


Teledyne Analytical TAI Liquid


Method of Detection
The 6700U uses a stable, long-life xenon flash lamp to emit UV light through the optical path to the detector. In the presence of some dissolved organics, 254 nm light will be absorbed by the sample and the resulting loss of signal will be translated into a volumetric concentration.
The LCD touchscreen gives the user a real-time reading as well as alarm status and push-button functionality on the main screen.​


  • Available measurements of COD (eq), DOC (uv), TOC (eq), BOD (eq), Abs254, SAC254, COD (UV), TOC (UV), BOD (UV), SAK254 (mg/l, cm-1, m-1, AU, mA.U.)
  • One or two parameter analysis available
  • Single or dual sequenced stream monitoring
  • Optical path lengths of 22mm, 12mm, 6mm or 2mm available
  • Analysis range from 0.05 to thousands of mg/L using internal dilution module
  • Dual-compartment IP-65 powder-coated steel enclosure
  • Long-life pulsed source xenon flash lamp minimizes maintenance
  • Level switch with fast loop reservoir provides sample flow verification and alarms with low sample levels
  • Auto-clean, auto-calibration or auto-blank functions as standard
  • 3.8-inch touchscreen
  • 2 x 4-20 mA outputs
  • 4 x SPDT alarm contacts
  • RS-485 MODBUS-RTU communications
  • Integral data-logger with USB port for download​


​Measurement Principle ​UV 254 absorption measurement
​Range ​22 mm cell:         0.01-50 m-1 SAC, 0.15-100 mg/L COD (eq), 0.06-40 mg/L TOC (eq),
0-05-30 mg/L BOD (eq)
12 mm cell:         0.05-100 m-1 SAC, 0.5-200 mg/L COD (eq), 0.2-80 mg/L TOC (eq),
0.2-65 mg/L BOD (eq)
6 mm cell:            0.1-250 m-1 SAC, 0.75-370 mg/L COD (eq), 0.3-150 mg/L TOC (eq),
0.25-120 mg/L BOD (eq)
2 mm cell:            1.5-700 m-1 SAC, 2.5-1000 mg/L COD (eq), 1-410 mg/L TOC (eq),
0.8-300 mg/L BOD (eq)
Higher ranges are available using sample dilution option
​Repeatability ​22 mm cell:          ± 0.15 mg/L C
12 mm cell:          ± 0.5 mg/L C
6 mm cell:            ± 0.75 mg/L C
2 mm cell:            ± 2.5 mg/L C
​Cycle Time ​About 1 minute, including conditioning before analysis cycle and rinsing after measuring
​Temperature ​Operating:           41° to 113°F (5° to 45°C)
Sample:                41° to 122°F (5° to 50°C)
​Sample Connections ​Inlet:                     1/4″ tube fitting
Outlet:                  1/2″ tube fitting (neoprene)
​Outputs ​2 x 4-20 mA outputs for measured data
4 SPDT programmable alarms, potential free relays, N.O. or N.C.
​Dimensions ​23.6″H x 15.0″W x 8.2″D (60.6 x 38.0 x 20.9 cm)
Approximately 44 lbs​ (20 kg)
​Power Voltage:                          100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz standard or 24 VDC (option)
Power Consumption:   80 VA max
​Protection Class ​IP-65
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