4000 Series Gas Chromatograph

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The 4000 Series GC leverages state-of-the-art Chromperfect® operating software to virtually eliminate misidentification and drastically reduces the need for expensive calibration sample runs. It also spends less time waiting on results which means more productivity and timely control of measured processes. The modular design of the 4000 Series GC allows for diverse application engineering and makes the maintenance easier, as column and detector modules are readily changed out as needed. Along with being faster, smarter and easier than traditional chromatographs, the 4000 Series comes with the following capabilities.

  • Single column module lengths up to 16 meters
  • Dual column module with units 32 meters total length
  • Dual detector configurations
  • Dual column heart cut configurations​


  • Brand


Teledyne Analytical TAI


Chromperfect® Seven

Chromperfect® Seven is a new PC based data system designed to meet the needs and budgets of smaller laboratories, offers much more than expensive competitive systems and shares the same core software as any other Chromperfect® system. It has a fully featured system with ease of use at the forefront of the product’s innovative design.​

  • Easy to set-up, learn and use
  • Flexible and powerful data acquisition
  • Freedom to choose how many chromatograms are displayed and analyzed at a time
  • Fully documented methods, sequences and reports, including instrument run logs
  • Fully integrated System Manager which offers complete control over user privileges and system access​


  • The sample can be drawn in through the inlet via a sample vacuum pump and is typically used in ambient air monitoring.
  • One or two column modules can be run simultaneously either in a series or parallel to one or two detectors
  • Teledyne’s patented direct heating, precalibrated and individually programmed temperature column modules, enabling dual simultaneous analysis on the same sample, using different separation media and temperature profiles for maximum selectivity.
  • Flame Ionization Detection, Thermal Conductivity Detection, Flame Photometric and Dielectric Barrier Discharge detectors are available.
  • Maximum detector operating temperature is 662°F (350°C), application dependent
  • System configurations enabling measurement of fixed gases up through components with boiling points equivalent to   n – C50.
  • Samples can be gas or liquid phase and be directly injected into the split/splitless injection port. Optional SP/ME and other sampling methods are available.
  • Chromperfect® chromatography data system running on a Windows PC.​



​Available Detectors​​​​ ​Flame Ionization (FID), Thermal Conductivity (TCD), Flame Photometric (FPD), Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) (configured as helium ionization)
​Detector/Column Configurations ​101:     Single column (2-16 meters), single detector
201:     Dual column (4-32 meters), dual detector in series
301:     Dual column (2-16 meters), dual detector in parallel
CS:       Dual column (2-16 meters), dual detector with column switching valve
GS:       Single column (2-16 meters) with large sample loop, single detector w/ sample pump
GS-T:    Single column (2-16 meters) with preconcentration​ trap, single detector w/ sample                    pump
​Repeatability ​< ±1% Relative Standard Deviation (RSD)
​Temperature Operating:    32° to 95°F (0° to 35°C)
Storage:        -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
​Utilities ​Carrier Gas (application-dependent)
UHP hydrogen and zero air (99.999% pure) (for FID and FPD only)
​Power ​100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
​Data Management ​Front-panel touchscreen for GC initialization and manual sampling functions
RS-232 and all other functions via TCP/IP Ethernet to external PC with Chromperfect® Seven software (Windows® 10 or higher OS required)****Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation
​Outputs ​Up to 6 x 4-20 mADC (isolated) outputs
MODBUS-TCP (optional)
​Dimensions ​​8.7″H x 19.0″W x 22.3″D
(22.1 x 48.3 x 56.6 cm)
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