5000 Dissolved Oxygen Instrument


Accurate, reliable YSI benchtop dissolved oxygen instruments for the laboratory. Easily conduct DO, BODs or OUR/SOUR tests. Both instruments feature: auto-calibration, large, graphic displays and low keypad profiles for maximum efficiency. EPA approved for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD, CBOD, and DO.

Has the 5000 been your trusted BOD instrument for the last decade? If so, check out our new BOD instrument, the YSI MultiLab.

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YSI Labo


Microprocessor-based, the YSI 5000 and 5100 will store 100 sets of data with RS-232 interface for direct link to your computer. Both models are user upgradeable through the YSI web site, making it easy to take advantage of future software improvements.

The YSI 5100 features a built-in barometer, programmable auto-stabilization, membrane integrity function, bar code compatibility, and real-time clock. The full-featured 5100 instrument offers even greater performance and flexibility with one-button auto calibration and built-in SOUR software to meet U.S. EPA 503 regulations for safe use of biosolids. OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate) and SOUR (Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate) are also valuable process control tools because they indicate the biological activity of microorganisms used in treatment.


  • Menu-driven software
  • Dissolved oxygen and temperature measurement
  • Large LCD display
  • Automatic calibration
  • 100 data-point memory with date/time stamp


Benchtop Yes
Equipment used with 5010
Measurement Method / Channels OUR/SOUR Tests, BOD
Measurement Range Barometric Pressure: 450 to 825 mmHg (600 to 1100 mbar), Dissolved Oxygen (%): 0.0 to 600.0% air saturation, Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L): 0.0 to 60.0 mg/L, Dissolved Oxygen (mbar): 0 to 1500, Temperature: -5.0 to 50.0°C
Parameters Measured Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, OUR/SOUR Tests
Power The Model 5000 & 5100 are powered by an AC adapter or 4 C-size alkaline batteries. A new set of alkaline batteries will power the selected instrument for approximately 30 hours (not including stirring).
Unit of Measure mg/L, mbar, Dissolved Oxygen: % air saturation, Temperature: °C, Barometric Pressure: mmHg
User Calibratable Yes
Warranty 2-year instrument
Waterproof The Model 5000 and 5100 are designed exclusively for indoor use and are NOT waterproof.
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