DR3500 Radar Level Transmitter


The DR3500, FMCW 80 GHz radar level transmitter offers State-of-the-Art performance for liquids in hygienic applications. The DR3500 has an extensive choice of hygienic process connections including flush mounted PEEK Lens antennas. These are CIP/SIP suitable and this model offers small dead zone and beam angles for small and narrow tanks.

PEEK Lens antennas does level measurement up to 50m / 164 feet. This continuous, non-contact level measurement transmitter is ideal for measurements in high and narrow, small and agitated tanks.

The DR3500 is a two-wire radar level measurement instrument with a clear navigation display and touch screen user interface, which allows for easy configuration and set up. Strong signal processing and a large bandwidth allow this level transmitter to determine the true level in the tank, even with agitated surfaces.


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Ametek Drexelbrook

Features & Type

Key Features
• Process conditions up to +300⁰F (150⁰C) and 362 psig (25 barg)
• Extensive choice of hygienic process connections
• Small dead zone and beam angle for small and narrow tanks
• Flush-mounted PEEK Lens antenna: CIP/SIP suitable
• 3 Year Warranty

Product Type
80 GHz Radar sensor, Radar level transmitter, Liquid level sensor, agitated liquid level sensor, Tank level indicator, Water level sensor, Water level switch, Level gauge, Level transmitter


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