Topaze 32M Heated CLD NOX Analyzer

SKU: Topaze 32M

Single reaction chamber
version for the monitoring of NO or NOx, or dual chamber for NO, NOx and NO2 measurements

Exist in 2 different versions:
• TOPAZE 52M-S : NO or NOx monitoring
• TOPAZE 52M-D : NO-NOx and NO2
simultaneous monitoring


  • Brand


Envea Emission


  • Heated analyzer (temperature controlled up to 180°C) with measuring chamber under vacuum minimizing the quenching effect
  • Designed to measure wet & corrosive samples
  • Automatic CO2 and H2O quenching correction
  • Proven EPA reference method
  • CLD technique for continuous and simultaneous measurement of NO, NO2 and NOx, in compliance with EN 14792
  • Accurate measurement in the range: 0-10/100/1 000/10 000 ppm
  • Graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with interactive menu driven software with enhanced speed display
  • Built-in memory for data storage
  • Built-in Ethernet TCP/IP connection for remote control and serial interface RS232
  • Fast response time (<2 sec)
  • Communication by AK protocol (RS232 / RJ45)
  • Available in 2 versions:
    TOPAZE 52M-S : NO or NOx monitoring
    TOPAZE 52M-D : NO-NOx and NO2 simultaneous monitoring


  • Engine manufacturing and testing in the automotive, heavy duty, aviation, marine, rail transport sectors, etc.
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring
  • Combustion control
  • Process monitoring
  • Laboratories and Research Centres…


Pollutant Range
NO 0-10 / 10000
NO2 0-10 / 10000
NOx 0-10 / 10000
Lowest / Highest available ranges expressed in mg/m3 (may vary with your site conditions to be indicated on the Site Survey Form)
QAL1 to EN 15267-3 certified NO
US EPA compliance YES
Sampling technology Hot/Wet Extraction
Sample transfert 180°C heated sampling line
back flush function YES
span injection YES on analyser or at sample point
Built-In O2 option NO
Serial link communication RS232 / RS422
Other Communication Ethernet
Analogue OUTPUTS Optional
Analogue INPUTS NO
Dimensions (mm) 19” rack: 483 x 440 x 135 (L x W x H)
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