Platinum 2.5K Portable Multi-Function Recorder


The Platinum 2.5K Portable Multi-Function Recorder is packaged in a rugged case with quick connect interfaces for fast and simple field connection. Interface cables are provided with shrouded banana jacks that couple easily with a variety of measurement CT’s and voltage scaling devices offering complete flexibility for power utility and industrial use. The Platinum 2.5K Portable Multi-Function Recorder utilizes a 40GB solid state drive that eliminates the need for a mechanical hard drive and stores over 1,000 fault and disturbance records at once. It meets regulatory compliances including PRC-002-2.


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Ametek Power

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rugged portable case with 8 analog and 16 digital inputs
  • Pre-fabricated interface cables with an extensive range of measurement CT’s
  • Complete solid state design with no moving parts
  • Simultaneous recording of high speed fault data, disturbance recording and power quality information
  • Advanced system swing detection including triggers for power and frequency oscillation
  • Fault, disturbance and power quality data can be automatically exported in COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111-1999) or PQDIF (IEEE 1159.3)
  • View analog, digital and computed values in real time
  • Sequence of events recording provides 1msec resolution on change of state on all monitored contacts
  • Phasor measurement unit-synchronized phasor measurements, in accordance
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