Plugged Chute Detector



Ametek Drexelbrook

The Drexelbrook Plugged Chute Detector reliably detects the presence or absence of material flowing through chutes. If process material stops flowing due to a plugged condition, the flush mounted capacitance sensing element will alarm, allowing further action to occur (alerting an operator, shutting down a conveyor belt, etc.).

The Drexelbrook plugged chute detector, also known as a blocked chute switch, reliably detects the presence or absence of bulk solids material flowing through chutes in an economical way without sacrificing flow speed.

Due to the rugged sensor design this point level switch is ideal for coal, wood chips, ores and powders. As it is flush mounted through a chute wall, nothing protrudes into the chute to interfere with or obstruct material flow.

This point level switch automatically recognizes and ignores coatings to prevent false alarms. The universal power supply automatically detects and adjusts to the input power source.

Unlike many technologies this point level switch for plugged chute detection allows electronics to be remote mounted to a convenient or safe location.

The reliable detection of plugged chutes will keep your plant running smoothly and virtually eliminates spills occuring due to plugged conditions.

Key Features
• Curved and flat sensors are available
• DPDT relay dry contacts at 5A, 120VAC
• Less maintenance than other technologies; no moving parts to hang up or wear out
• Uses Drexelbrook PML series electronics
• Supply voltage: 19-250 VAC, 18-200 VDC, Auto-detecting without jumpers

Product Type
Point level switch, Point level transmitter, Point level sensor