USonic-R Ultrasonic Level Transmitter


The Drexelbrook family of ultrasonic technology products offers a line powered version for non-contact level measurement of liquids and slurries for level, distance, volume and open channel flow.

The USonic-R multifunctional level measurement system can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from simple indication of level to more demanding two channel inputs such as differential level and submerged flow.

This ultrasonic level transmitter is easy to use. Simply set the measurement range directly in inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters or meters via the menu driven display.

The Usonic-R is offered in a two-channel system with 4-20 mA outputs, allows two independent non-contact measurements, or sum or differential measurements.

The USonic-R offers Modbus output signal with internal characterizations for Open Channel Flow, Level, Distance and Volume. It also features a wall mounted controller suitable for all Class I Div. 2, Zone 0 locations, with sensors I.S. for Class I Div. 1 locations.


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Ametek Drexelbrook

Features & Type

Key Features
• Patented SMART GAIN circuitry automatically ignores false echoes from internal tank obstructions and agitator blades without adjustment
• Superior accuracy – 0.15% of measuring range up to 30 ft
• Line powered design offers 6 programmable relays, 2 channel input for differential level, batch sample activation, pump alternation, data logging, and totalization
• Output mode: Level, Distance, Flow, Volume
• Power supply: 120 VAC and 24 VDC, 240 VAC and 24 VDC

Product Type
Ultrasonic level sensor, Ultrasonic level transmitter, Liquid level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Tank level indicator, Water level sensor, Water level switch, Level gauge, Level transmitter


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