3100 Conductivity Instrument

SKU: 3100

The YSI 3100 provides accuracy and reliability in measuring conductivity, salinity and temperature in the lab.

The instrument uses forced-current measurement technology, and other features including direct-reading digital display, adjustable temperature coefficient, reference temperature, and automatic temperature compensation.

The YSI 3100 uses a line of NIST-traceable conductivity cells with built-in temperature sensors, assuring the most accurate measurements.

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YSI Labo


Ensure even more accurate readings by using YSI conductivity solutions and the 3166 Resistor set as part of your QA/QC procedures.


  • Provides high-accuracy measurements for basic conductivity needs
  • Uses forced-current technology
  • Measures conductivity, salinity and temperature
  • Easy-to-read LCD display

Choose between 115V or 230V (Included) 3232 cell adaptor required if using 3400 series conductivity cells with 3100 or 3200.


Benchtop Yes
Certifications CSA, CE, UL
Connector 7-pin Mini Din
Display LCD
GLP Compliance Yes
Graphic Display Graphic Display
Measurement Range Conductance- 0 to 499.9 µS/cm, Salinity-0-80 ppt (NaCl), Temperature–5 to +95°C
Multiparameter Yes
Parameters Measured Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature
Power AC, 220V, 115V
Unit of Measure Conductance-µS/cm, Temperature-°C, Salinity-ppt
User Calibratable Yes
Warranty 2-year instrument
Waterproof Designed exclusively for indoor use and are NOT waterproof.
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