3200 Series Conductivity Cells


Conductivity cell made of ABS plastic or glass cell with temperature and 4 ft. cable.  Please see the specifications tab for additional information.

YSI 3200 series conductivity cells have built-in thermistors, allowing automatic temperature compensation.  All YSI cells are calibrated according to the International Organization of Legal Metrology recommendations 56 and 68.

  • Shipped with greater than 1% cell accuracy; includes Certificate of Traceability
  • Can be used as secondary lab standard
  • Cells can be re-calibrated (adjusted) to NIST traceable standards; YSI also offers this service with a Certificate of Calibration and Traceability if needed
  • Black platinum electrodes are extremely stable and linear; can be replatinized using the YSI 3100 or 3200 instruments and 3140 platinizing solution


  • Brand


YSI Labo


Equipment used with 3200, 3100

Conductivity Cell General Measurement Ranges

3200 Series Conductivity Cell Types

3200 Series Conductivity Cell General Specifications

SKU Figure cgs Cell Type S.I. Cell Constant Cell Constant Material Overall Length (mm) Max O.D. (mm) Chamber I.D. (mm) Chamber Depth (mm) Volume
003252 A dip 1.0/cm 100/m ABS plastic 146 13 10 20
603253 D dip, micro 1.0/cm 100/m Pyrex 7740 178 13 10 51
603254 C fill 1.0/cm 100/m Pyrex 7740 135 19 11 83 5 mL
603255 B flow 0.1/cm 10/m Pyrex 7740 146 25 21 76 30 mL
603256 E dip 0.1/cm 10/m Pyrex 7740 159 25 21 52
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