Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems


Avensys has designed various configuration of CEM Systems. Our basic CEMS configuration normally includes continuous measurement of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxygen (O2). A third component such as Nitric Oxide (NOx) or Total Hydrocarbon (THC) can also be added to the system. The system includes a rugged sampling and conditioning system design for minimum maintenance and long-term reliability. A self standing cabinet houses all the components and can be temperature controlled. The system communicates with the plant SCADA and provides various outputs for all the measurements and system state.


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Our Extended CEM System, off ers additional measurements and functionalities. It is fully integrated with a
data acquisition and handling system or DAHS that provides advanced connectivity, control and reporting. The
extended CEM System can include the following:
• Analyzer Cabinet
• Heated Sample line and probe
• DAHS and Reporting
• QA/QC Manual
• Stack Flowmeter
• Opacity or Particulate Analyzer
• Pressure, Temperature Transmitters


Measuring stack flow rate is a crucial part of quantifying emissions. Avensys offers various technologies to achieve the best possible measurement based on the location. Avensys can provide ultrasonic, thermal mass
or conventional pitot based flow measurement depending on the application, requirements and budget.

Canadian regulationsotien call for Opacity to be measured on a continuous basis. Alternatively, particulate
concentration, mg/m3 is also an interesting measurement that can help optimize the process and reduce
particulate emissions. Avensys off ers a wide variety of instruments based on optical technologies that can be used in compliance and process control systems.



  • Carbon Monoxide – CO 0-75/3 000/12 500 mg/m3
  • Oxygen – O2 0-25%
  • Nitric Oxide – NOx 0-100/1 500/5 000 mg/m3
  • Sulfur Dioxide – SO2 0-75/1 500/7 500 mg/m3
  • Carbon Dioxide – CO2 0-20/30%
  • Nitrous Oxide – N2O 0-50/200/1 000 mg/m3
  • Methane – CH4 0-50/200/1 000 mg/m3


  • Total Hydrocarbons – THC 0-10/10 000 ppm
  • Opacity 0-100%
  • Particulates 0-15 mg/m3 to 0-1 000 mg/m3
  • Other Gases Available HCl, HF, TOC



Data Acquisition Software (DAS) is a critical part of a CEMS and must be given serious consideration since data integrity and accuracy is important to avoid any potential fines and penalties.

The Data Acquisition & Handling System (DAHS) used by Avensys meets the handling and reporting requirements of the Canadian Regulations. The system is based on a distributed architecture and can be customized to any applications according to the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA).

The Protocols and performance specifications for continuous monitoring of gaseous emissions from thermal power generation (EPS 1/PG/7) is a federal standard for the design, installation, certification and operation of automated continuous emission monitoring (CEM) systems that is recognized Canada-wide.


The QA policies (high level) and QC procedures (standard operating procedures, working level) are outlined in the QA/QC manual. The procedures are defined to ensure and document the quality of the environmental data being collected and reported.

The QA/QC manual describes a complete program of activities to be implemented to ensure that the data generated by the CEM system will be complete, accurate, and precise

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