Biogas Analyzer System

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Avensys has designed and integrated the famous Awite AwiFlex Cool+ XL to provide an easily deployable and scalable BIOGAS Analysis solution with a minimal footprint. This system is ideal for use in any application that requires the measurement of air, biogas, sewage gas, biomethane, oxygen as well hydrogen sulphide. The basic configuration includes five measuring sensors that can be used for each sample point.
The System comes ready to use – all you need to do is connect the sample probes to your sample lines. You can install the system in any container or on a structural wall. Our solution comes pre-mounted on a selfstanding metal rack for easy deployment.


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  •  Standard configuration measures:
    •  CH4 (0-100%)
    •  CO2 (0-100%)
    •  O2 (0-25%)
    •  Low H2S (0-20ppm) and
  • High H2S (0-3000 ppm)
  • Can measure up to 4 sample points
  • Integral Sample Gas Cooler
  • Condensation Traps (external)
  • Data Interface: Modbus, Analog, Ethernet IP
  •  Automatic Calibration
  •  Internal CH4 Gas Detection for Leak Detection


  •  The analyzer system is designed to efficiently measure the Raw Biogas and RNG:
    • Digester Gas Monitoring
    •  Refined Natural Gas production
    •  Waste Waster sludge digesters


Target Gas Measuring Principle Range Repeatability
CH4/CO2 infrared 2-beam sensor 0 – 100% Vol ± 0,1 %
O2 electrochemical 0 – 25% Vol ± 0,25 %
Low H2S electrochemical 0 – 20 ppm ± 2,5 %
High H2S electrochemical 0 – 3 000 ppm ± 1,0 %
  • H2S Measurement Range: 0-20ppm, 0-3000ppm, Other ranges available
  • Display and Operation: Panel-PC 7” TFT touch panel 1024×600
  • Display of measurement history: Graphic / Tabular / Status / Alarm
  • Data Interface: Ethernet IP
  • Extensive data storage: 4GB microSD card
  • Self Diagnostic: Automatic detection of overloads and temporary switch-off of involved measuring channels to preserve the sensors
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 35C, non classified area
  • Certification: UL / CSA 61010-1

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