E-Series CO12e Carbon Oxides Analyzer CO

SKU: CO12e

Non Dispersive Infra Red Carbon Monoxide Analyzer for CO measurements in the range 0-50ppm. CO2 monitoring as option

The CO12e analyzer is an Eco-designed, reference air quality monitor, QAL1 certified by the TÜV, US-EPA approved and compliant with ISO 4224. It offers superior metrological performances for CO measurements in the range 0-300 ppm.

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Envea Ambient


  • Cost-saving Carbon Monoxide monitor with ultra low power consumption offering compliance with EN 14626 (2012), EN 15267, 2008/50/EC, ISO 4224, 40 CFR PART 53 SUB B & SUB C
  • Excellent sensitivity & signal stability, great accuracy and repeatability
  • Real-time calibration graph, animated synoptic, auto-diagnostic, control and maintenance data screens can be displayed while the instrument is operating
  • Service assistance inside: detects early signs of trouble, allows predictive maintenance, identifies the needed service and guides service operations step by step: increased productivity on site, reduced downtime, more efficiency, less training…
  • Includes Communication Protocol for XR® Software with automatic recognition and configuration
  • Automatic recognition of plugged electronic boards or optional devices: plug & play principle
  • Smart, connected instrument with embedded web server for the easiest, full remote control and operation of the analyzer from any PC, tablet or smartphone (configuration, calibration, test, diagnostic parameters…)
  • Integrated web-server with full remote emulation of the analyzer through the ENVEA Connect free app


Technical specifications
Measured parameter CO (CO2 optional)
Technology Gas filter Correlation – NDIR
US-EPA Approval / QAL 1 Certification YES
Measurement ranges 0-50 ppm (0-300 ppm upon request)
Measurement units ppb, ppm, µg/m3 (user-selectable)
Lower Detectable Limit (2σ) 0.05 ppm
Noise (σ) 0.025 ppm
Zero drift < 0.2 ppm/7days
Span drift < 0.5%/7days
Linearity ± 1% FS
Sample flow rate 1L/min
Sampling pump Internal
Temperature range +5 to +40°C (up to 50°C optionally)
Data storage 1 year
Included I/O 1LAN/3USB/WIFI/2DRY
Weight (Kg) 8
Dimensions mm (LxWxH) 483 x 606 x 133
Chassis 19″ Rack, 3U
Power supply ‘100~250Vac, 50/60Hz + ground (24V optionally)
Pressure and temperature compensation YES


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