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Water & Wastewater Rental Catalog

As a member of the Hoskin Group of company, Avensys now offers rentals for a wide variety of products for the Water and Wastewater sector.

Rental Catalog

We offer high quality, proven equipment that will provide the user with valuable data as well as numerous ways of retrieving, filtering and viewing that data.

Service Brochure

Avensys Solutions oers industry leading expertise to customers through a comprehensive range of technical services.
6363Expo TechnologiesExpo – Corporate Catalog2023/06/17Download
6369FCIFCI – 10 Essentials for Flow Meter2023/06/18Download
6377Expo TechnologiesExpo – Case Studies2023/06/18Download
6489DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Why choose Drexelbrook!2023/06/19Download
6490DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Wastewater solutions2023/06/19Download
6491DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Steel Mill Industry2023/06/19Download
6492DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Pulp and paper Industry2023/06/19Download
6494DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Oil Gas Industry2023/06/19Download
6495DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Mining Industry2023/06/19Download
6496DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Cement Industry2023/06/19Download
6497DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Biofuel Industry2023/06/19Download
6498DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Asphalt Shingle Industry2023/06/19Download
6499DrexelbrookDrexelbrook – Analytical Solutions2023/06/19Download
6500SensidyneSensidyne – SensAlert ASI Point Gas Detector2023/06/19Download
6501SensidyneSensidyne – Gas-Detection-for-Waste-Water-Processing-Plants2023/06/19Download
6503SensidyneSensidyne- Gas-Detection-for-Power-Generation-Plants2023/06/19Download
6504SensidyneSensidyne – Gas-Detection-for-Natural-Gas-Processing-Plants2023/06/19Download
6505ChinoChino – Application Guide2023/06/19Download
6506ChinoChino – IM Series – AnimalFood-Moisture2023/06/19Download
6509ChinoChino – IM Series – AnimalFood-WetPetfood2023/06/19Download
6512ChinoChino – IM Series – Proof ethanol2023/06/19Download
6513ChinoChino – IM Series – Moisture cleaning solution2023/06/19Download
6514ChinoChino – IM Series – Sugar Production2023/06/19Download
6515ChinoChino – IM Series – Wheat Flour Milk Powder2023/06/19Download
6516Chino – IM Series – Incinerator AshChino – IM Series – Incinerator Ash2023/06/19Download
6517ChinoChino – IM Series – Moisture in raw material2023/06/19Download
6518ChinoChino – IM Series – Moisture cement raw clay2023/06/19Download
6519ChinoChino – IM Series – Moisture in Paper2023/06/19Download
6520ChinoChino – IM Series – Particle board chips2023/06/19Download
6521AwiteAwite – Gas Analysis (Awieco&Awiflex)2023/06/19Download
6523AwiteAwite – Technical Data (Awieco)2023/06/19Download
6524AwiteAwite – Technical Data (Awiflex)2023/06/19Download
6525AndcoGE Andco – Actuator Application guide2023/06/19Download
6527AndcoGE Andco – Actuator Catalog2023/06/19Download
6530AyyekaAyyeka – Overview2023/06/19
6531AyyekaAyyeka – WaveCam2023/06/19Download
6534AyyekaAyyeka – Wavelet Series2023/06/19Download
6537AyyekaAyyeka – Wavelet 4R2023/06/19Download
6540AyyekaAyyeka – Wavelet Ex2023/06/19Download
6543AyyekaAyyeka – Wavelet V22023/06/19Download
6546AyyekaAyyeka – Press Release: AIT Tech for Smart Cities2023/06/19Download
6549BadgerBadger – Flow instrumentation Product Catalog2023/06/19Download
6552Maid LabsMaid Labs – Volucalc Hybrid2023/06/19Download
6555YSIYSI – Municipal Water Catalog2023/06/19Download
6558YSIYSI – Dissolved Oxygen Handbook2023/06/19Download
6562YSIYSI – MultiLab Brochure2023/06/19Download
6567YSIYSI – Municipal Water Brochure2023/06/19Download
6647TAITAI – General Catalog2023/06/20Download
6650TAITAI – Fast Gas Chromatography in the Refinery Quality Control Laboratory2023/06/20Download
6653TAITAI – Broad Range Application Fast & Micro GCs2023/06/20Download
6657ISCOISCO NEW! DuraTracker Flowmeter2023/06/20Download
6660ISCOISCO Teledyne ISCO Sampler Sourcebook 20212023/06/20Download
6663ISCOISCO – 5800 Sampler Brochure2023/06/20Download
6666ISCOISCO – LaserFlow brochure2023/06/20Download
6669ISCOISCO – Signature Flow Brochure2023/06/20Download
6672ISCOISCO -Teledyne ISCO Water & Wastewater Product Guide2023/06/20Download
6675ECOMECOM – Catalog / Linecard2023/06/20Download
6678ECOMECOM – Industrial Analyzer2023/06/20Download
6681ECOMECOM – Professional Portable Biogas Analyzer2023/06/20Download
6684Envea Environment SAEnvea Environment SA – CEMS Catalog2023/06/20Download
6687Envea Environment SAEnvea Environment SA – AQMS Catalog2023/06/20Download
6690Envea Environment SAEnvea Environment SA – Process Catalog2023/06/20Download
6693Envea Environment SAEnvea Environment SA – New eSeries Analyzers2023/06/20Download
6696Envea Environment SAEnvea Process Guide Incineration2023/06/20Download
6699ENVEA SWRENVEA SWR – Moisture Control to Meet Specification Limits2023/06/20Download
6702Envea SWREnvea SWR – Material Flow Monitoring2023/06/20Download
6705Envea SWREnvea SWR – Moisture Measurement2023/06/20Download
6708Envea SWREnvea SWR – Screen Break Detection2023/06/20Download
6711Envea SWREnvea SWR – Moisture Measurement of wood chips2023/06/20Download
6714Envea SWREnvea SWR – Polystyrene sheets production2023/06/20Download
6717Expo TechnologiesExpo – Filling Stations Application Note2023/06/20Download
6720Expo TechnologiesExpo – Hazardous Area Motor Purge2023/06/20Download
6723Expo TechnologiesExpo – HazLoc Chart2023/06/20Download
6726Expo TechnologiesExpo – Thermal Management HazLoc Enclosures2023/06/20Download
6729Expo TechnologiesExpo – Purge and Pressurization Guidelines2023/06/20Download
6732FCIFCI – Natural Gas Control2023/06/20Download
6735FCITechnical Publication:Verify Fluid Flow to Your Analyzer and Keep Your Plant Running2023/06/20Download
6738FCIFCI – Best Practices Engineering Guide2023/06/20Download
6741FCIFCI – Calibration Lab2023/06/20Download
6744FCIFCI – Air & Gas Mass Flowmeter Catalog2023/06/20Download
6747FCIFCI – FLT93 Selection Guide2023/06/20Download
6750FCIFCI – Green Energy2023/06/20Download
6753FCIFCI – Flare Gas ST1002023/06/20Download
6756FCIFCI – Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications Guide2023/06/20Download
6759Envea PCMEEnvea PCME – Carbon Black Industry2023/06/20Download
6762Envea PCMEEnvea PCME – Cement Industry2023/06/20Download
6765Envea PCMEEnvea PCME – Dryers2023/06/20Download
6768Envea PCMEEnvea PCME – Incineration Processes2023/06/20Download
6771Envea PCMEEnvea PCME – Integrated Steel Plant2023/06/20Download
6774Envea PCMEEnvea PCME – Wood & Particleboard Industries2023/06/20Download
6777Thel mar llcVolumetric Weir for Measuring Flows in Manholes and Open End Pipe2023/06/20Download
6781RitterRitter – Drum-Type Gas Meters2023/06/20Download
9005IETIET – Biogas Batch Fermentation System2024/03/19Download
9020FCI – Best PracticesBest Practices: Safety and Certainty With Actual Gas Calibration of Thermal Mass Flow Meters2024/03/26Download
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Our catalogue features an array of innovative technologies, including advanced automation systems, precision control valves, state-of-the-art sensors, reliable monitoring devices, and cutting-edge safety equipment.

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