ECOM-B PLUS Portable Combustion Analyzer


The ecom-B Plus is an easy to use handheld gas analyzer designed for commercial and industrial combustion monitoring in a variety of applications. It can be fitted with up to 3 gas sensors, measuring O2, CO & NO, plus Stack and Ambient Temperatures, and Stack Pressure & Draft. The ecom-B Plus also calculates CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air and Oxygen correction 0-20%. The instrument with its aluminum housing and ergonomic handle has been designed for rugged field use. On board data storage allows for up to 300 separate readings. Its integrated thermal quick printer allows for on-the-spot print-outs. The on-board computer has 5 pre-programmed fuel types and can store up to 16. The ecom-B Plus’ sample conditioning system consists of a high flow pump and radiant gas cooler with condensate trap. An automatic shut-off activates when the condensate trap reaches its maximum capacity. Another unique feature of the ecom-B Plus is an automatic and manual CO bypass function which protects the CO sensor from over exposure.

  • Brand




  • Up to 3 Electrochemical Sensors
  • Sensor Options: O2, CO & NO (NOx Calculation)
  • Flue Gas, Ambient, & Sensor Temperature Sensors
  • CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, & O2 Correction Calculations
  • 7ft Standard Sample Line (9ft Available)
  • Standard 9 Inch Probe (1ft Available)
  • Averaging Tests
  • CO Purge Pump to Prevent Oversaturation
  • Ambient Cooler Sample Conditioner
  • Electronically Monitored Condensate Trap


  • Calibration Gas Kit


    Each sensor has a circuit housed within an electrolyte solution and when the target gas is introduced into the sensor, the half reactions (oxidation and reduction) at the electrodes generate a flow of current through the circuit.
    The voltage drop across the electrodes is measured by the analyzer and corresponds directly to the target gas concentration (i.e., the higher the concentration of gas, the more reactions that take place, the higher the current).
    In each of the electrochemical sensors we use, there is also a third reference electrode which maintains a baseline potential for increased accuracy.


CO2, CO(U), NOx, efficiency (0-120 %), losses, lambda, dew point, mg/m3, mg/kWh, O2-reference
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