AirSafe PM Indoor Monitor for Dust Exposure to PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10, TSP


The AirSafe PM provides continuous and precise monitoring of dust exposures in indoor ambient air.

The AirSafe PM can be used for indoor workplace exposure monitoring, utilizing the high range and low range sensors to detect and track particulate exposure limits and limit violations.


Health and safety personnel can use the measurement data to provide a safe working environment and report site air quality.


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Envea Ambient

Features & Benefits

  • Indoor Monitor for Dust Exposure
  • Precise PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10 and TSP monitoring
  • Separate measurement of the E and A dust fractions
  • Applicable in process areas and industrial environments
  • Wireless communication and user friendly interface with datalogging
  • Up to 20 mg/m3 dust concentration
  • Compliance with EN 481 and TRGS 900

Main Applications

  • Indoor Monitor for Dust Exposure for Cement plants
  • Foundries
  • Wood workshops
  • Incineration plants
  • Logistic warehouses
  • Laboratories
  • Breakrooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Office areas

Technical Specifications

Particulate matter measurement range Mass concentration of E dust
Volume concentration of A dust
PM level range E dust: 0 … 20 mg/m³
A dust: 0 … 2 mg/m³
Data processing Long term value: Mean value of 8 h
Short term value: Mean value of 15 min
Instantaneous value: Only sampling time
Tracking of limit violations Counting of phases with violations of long term limits
Counting of recovery phases inbetween them
Humidity compensation Yes
Dust material density adjustment Yes
Limits for dust concentration Long term dust concentration limit for E dust
Long term dust concentration limit for A dust
Instantaneous dust concentration limit for E dust
Instantaneous dust concentration limit for A dust
Datalogger Yes (on AirSafe PM WIFI Version)
Communication 2 x 4 … 20 mA analog output (active)
Modbus 485 RTU or TCP/IP
WLAN (on AirSafe PM WIFI version)
Relay 1
Voltage 24 V DC
Power 12 W
Current 0.5 A
IP rating Sensor: IP20; Electronic: IP40
Ambient temperature -10 … +50 °C
Dimensions 290 x 260 x 110 mm (L x B x H)
Weight Approx. 2.5 kg

Mounting & Installation

The AirSafe PM is designed to be used indoors only. It can be installed in any room that needs particulate
monitoring as part of exposure and health safety limit monitoring.

The AirSafe PM can be easily mounted to most surfaces and areas, such as:

  • Process areas
  • Storage rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Breakrooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Office areas
  • Other footfall areas of health and safety exposure concern
  • Areas of air quality monitoring requirements

Install the AirSafe PM as near as possible to air intakes, areas of air movement, and areas of static air/settlement where people work. When positioned near the ventilation and filtration apparatus, the AirSafe PM can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the ventilation and filtration process.


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