AMETEK Load Loggers* and Load Profilers are non-invasive digital recording loggers for gathering data on distribution loads and power quality. Whether the data is from a load site or direct from the distribution system, the AMETEK Load Management products are easy to install, operate and analyze.

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  • Data from the AMETEK Distribution Monitoring products can be used for
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Ametek Power

Data from the AMETEK Distribution Monitoring products can be used for

  • Submetering / Cost accounting
  • Improving power quality
  • Monitoring effectiveness of load tap changers/voltage regulators
  • Monitoring of peak transformer loading
  • Monitoring effect of (or need for) capacitors
  • Load growth analysis
  • Recording peak load values and times
  • Analyzing time-of-day load fluctuations
  • Load imbalance studies (EMF)
  • Accurate and complete data for distribution modeling programs
  • Fuse sizing
  • Theft-of-service studies
  • Replacing substation chart recorders

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