Safety IntelliPoint – Loop and Line Powered Level Switch



Ametek Drexelbrook

The Safety IntelliPoint level switch provides a capacitance probe level switch with either a current output or relay contacts and “On-Board” self-diagnostics to ensure reliability. This SIL Intellipoint conforms to SIL 2 specifications providing the ultimate in level switch integrity and level sensing elements for a wide variety of temperatures, pressures, and materials.

The Safety IntelliPoint is our BEST and most versatile point level switch for liquids, slurries, granulars, and interface applications.

The Safety IntelliPoint meets title 49 part 195 DOT and API 2350 regulations and is ideal for use in safety related systems with requirements for functional safety for SIL2 in accordance to IEC61508-2, ed2, 2010(EXIDA).

The self-test function of the Safety IntelliPoint level switch ensures proper system operation. An AutoVerify self check circuit continuously monitors the complete system to verify it is functioning properly.

The manual Certify not only checks the function of the system, but also checks the AutoVerify self-test circuits to make sure that they are also working properly.

Installation couldn’t be easier. With the Safety IntelliPoint, simply install the sensor in your vessel and connect the power.

The Safety IntelliPoint, with an Auto-Ranging power supply, automatically calibrates itself.

All these features make the Safety IntelliPoint the most versatile RF level switch on the market.

Key Features
• Loop and Line powered SIL 2 certified
• AutoVerify and Certify test features for critical point level and overfill protection applications
• Cote-Shield circuitry ignores coatings on the level sensing probe
• No moving parts for maintenance free operation
• Level applications from cryogenic to 2,000ºF, vacuum to 10,000 psi

Product Type
Liquid level sensor, Granular level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Interface level sensor, Point level switch, Point level transmitter, Point level sensor