SC-1300 Signal Conditioners


The SC-1300 family of signal conditioners can convert the most commonly used process signals into conditioned current and voltage outputs, needed for control systems and monitoring devices. Dedicated functionality and isolation from control systems improves reliability.


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Ametek Power

Key Features & Benefits

  • Full family of dedicated function signal conditioners
  • Provides “live” powered analog output, for use with other loop powered devices
  • AC power standard, other ranges available
  • Simple, easy to use and adjust

Available Models

  • SC-1300 DC current transmitter
  • SC-1300L/U AC current/voltage transmitter
  • SC-1300R Slidewire/potentiometer transmitter
  • SC-1302 DC current/voltage isolating transmitter
  • SC-1302 4 input hi-lo selector
  • SC-1324 Median selector
  • SC-1326 Isolated millivolt transmitter
  • SC-1326W Isolated thermocouple transmitter
  • SC-1330 Square root extractor
  • SC-1350 Frequency transmitter
  • SC-1352 Multiplier/divider
  • SC-1354 4 input adder-subtractor
  • SC-1356 Linear integrator
  • SC-1358 Square root integrator
  • SC-1362 Signal limiter
  • SC-1364 Lead/lag transmitter
  • SC-1372 Isolated RTD transmitter
  • SC-1364 RTD Transmitter
  • SC-1380 Pulse duration transmitter
  • SC-1382 Pulse duration receiver
  • SC-1396 Rate-limited signal transmitter
  • SC-1398 Ratio/bias transmitter
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