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SoftMaid™ analyzes each main element behavior to extend its useful life and predict failures. One third of all electrical equipment has humanly undetectable intermittent abnormal behaviors. Detecting a problem at an early stage and planning its correction accordingly is the least expensive way to handle its maintenance.

SoftMaid™ was created to help prioritize the maintenance department tasks or the upgrade schedule by showing the operational cost of defective or less efficient equipment.


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SoftMaid™ is a diagnostic software optimized to automatically detect several anomalies of pumping stations. This means it does not require any programming by the user to detect strange activities. It is easy to program a volumetric flow formula to calculate flow when everything is normal but the professional manager needs to know as early as possible about abnormal behaviors and their costs. It takes years of lift station analysis and programming to detect the following abnormal behaviors* without special configuration from the users:

  • Pumps abnormal sequence of operations
  • Abnormal variation of the pumped flow rate
  • Important variation of the inflow rate
  • Abnormally long or short cycle
  • Abnormal energy consumption
  • Abnormal efficiency
  • Water level falls with no pumps in operation (level sensor problems or siphon)
  • Defective level sensor
  • Variation of the operating level of the pumps (float switches or level sensor problems)
  • User configurable alarms related to most of the inputs and calculated values like flow

* This is done automatically and in real time by the Volucalc hybrid CS


  • Reports easily exported in Excel for custom analysis
  • High accuracy volumetric flow calculated every 30 seconds or faster (with analog level data)

SoftMaid™ integrates the utility cost per Kilowatt, the amount of watt used by each pump and their pumped volumes to report dollars lost by the least efficient pumps. It shows that the worst pumps are almost always used the most! Now, it is possible to know which one they are.

SoftMaid™ transforms simple tipping bucket rain gauge data into powerful inflow and infiltration graph. When rain data are available, the software displays on the same graph dry day and wet day flow, their variation (infiltration related to rain) and rain.


  • Multiple measurements per chart,
  • Events per cycle for diagnostic
  • Infiltration (lnflow vs average dry day flow and rain)
  • lnflow vs Pump capacity per cycle and rain
  • Level vs Pump capacity per cycle
  • Level, lnflow, Pump capacity per cycle
  • Force main pressure vs Pump capacity per cycle
  • Current on all pumps.
  • Graph for periods longer th an 7 days
  • One second data recording frequency (based on input variation)
  • Variable speed pump RPM vs lnflow
  • Second monthly report format
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