Ambient Air Monitoring Systems


Avensys Ambient Air Monitoring Systems (AAMS) are packaged systems
that incorporate gas analyzers and gas sampling equipment. They can be integrated with a data acquisition system to demonstrate environmental regulatory compliance of various industrial sources of air pollutants.
Avensys systems can be coupled to meteorological parameters and monitoring software that provides graphing, reporting, alarming and remote access as well as management of many monitoring stations.
Avensys AAMS call upon numerous technologies depending on the compound to be measured. State-of-the art and extremely robust analyzers are using chemiluminescence, infrared, UV, FTIR, FID, Gas Filter Correlation, paramagnetic, zirconium, fuel cells and electrochemical technologies  to accurately measure gas
concentration in ambient air.


  • Brand




• Customized to your needs
• Fully integrated
• Adapted to your needs
• Automatic Calibration
• Data acquisition and reporting
• Remote Access

Avensys CEMS can include:
• Wide variety of compounds such as NOX, N2O, CH4, SO2,VOC, THC, CO, CO2, O2, NH3,H2S H2O
• Installation and commissioning
• Air conditioned shelter
• Data acquisition and compliance reporting
• Particulate or opacity measurement
• Mercury analyzer
• Meteorology
• Odour monitoring


• Compliance monitoring
• Odour Control
• Landfill Sites
• Fence line Monitoring

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