IQ SensorNet P700 IQ Orthophosphate Analyzer


The P700 is a cabinet-style analyzer for monitoring orthophosphate in a wide variety of wastewater applications from primary treatment through final effluent. The versatile system can process samples with solids concentrations of up to 6,000 mg/L in ambient temperatures as low as -4°F allowing measurement of orthophosphate where it is most needed for efficiently controlling phosphorus removal. The sampling system includes a lightweight 0.45 micron filter and a pump inside the analyzer cabinet. The analyzer is programmable for automatic cleaning and calibration to a standard. The P700 can be used as a stand-alone analyzer or be incorporated into a larger network with IQ SensorNet 2020 or 282/284 universal controllers.

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  • Compact design – pump for permeate supply is integrated in the analyzer housing
  • Low reagent consumption – exchange solutions on average every 4-8 months, reduces overall cost vs. other analyzers
  • Automatic or manual calibration (adjustable)
  • Automatic cleaning of photometer tubing (adjustable)
  • Uses proven Vanadomolybdate (yellow) method of detection
  • Wide measuring range – two measuring ranges allow the P700 to be used in a wide range of locations throughout the Water Resource Recovery Facility
  • Indoor or outdoor versions available with heating or cooling


Certifications IP54, CE, UL, cETLus
Connectivity / Communications interfaces via IQ Sensor Net-components, analog outputs, Relays
Equipment used with 2020 3G
Languages English/ German
Measurement Method / Channels Vanadomolybdate (yellow)
Measurement Range PO4-P: Range A: 0.05 to 15.00 mg/L; Range B: 1 to 50 mg/L PO4: Range A: 0.15 to 46.00 mg/L; Range B: 3 to 153 mg/L
Operating pH Range 5 to 9
Operating Temperature -20 to 40ºC (-4 to 104°F)
Parameters Measured Orthophosphate
Power 115/230 VAC
Precision PO4P: Range A: 0.05 to 15.00 mg/L; Range B: 1 to 50 mg/L; PO4: Range A: ±2% or ±0.15 mg/L, whichever is greater; Range B: ±2% or ±3 mg/L, whichever is greater
Response Time T-90 < 5 minutes
Storage Temperature -20 to 50ºC (-4 to 122°F)
Unit of Measure mg/L
User Calibratable Yes, automatic or manual calibration (adjustable)
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