Model 3000TA-XL High Sensitivity Trace Oxygen Analyzer

SKU: 3000TA

​Model 3000TA-XL is a precision, cost effective instrument specifically designed to measure trace oxygen in the 0-1 ppm region. The model provides the user with a wide variety of performance features and options to satisfy virtually any application.

  • Brand


Teledyne Analytical TAI



The analyzer offers three dynamic, user-configurable ranges and can be calibrated at any range. Two fully programmable concentration alarms and relays provide the versatility to satisfy nearly any requirement.

Maintenance-Free Sensor

The heart of the analyzer is a Micro-Fuel Cell sensor that sets the industry standard of oxygen analysis. The unit incorporates the B2CXL sensor, which is specifically designed for 0-1 ppm full scale oxygen analysis applications. The sensor is specific to oxygen and can be used in a variety of background gases including hydrocarbons. With no electrolyte to change or electrodes to clean, it is maintenance free.


The analyzer comes standard with two sets of analog outputs, 0-1 VDC and isolated 4-20 mADC for oxygen concentration range identification. Additionally, a bi-directional RS-232C serial communication interface provides for remote monitoring and control of span and zero functions.

  • V:      Vacuum Service
  • K:     19″ rack mount with either one or two units mounted side by side


  • ​Class B-2CXL micro-fuel cell sensor
  • Three user-selectable ranges plus cal range
  • Signal output: 0-1 VDC and isolated 4-20 mADC
  • Programmable auto-ranging
  • Range ID output: 0-1 VDC and isolated 4-20 mADC
  • Range ID contacts (qty. 4) Form A normally open contacts, 3A resistive
  • Two fully adjustable concentration alarm set points with programmable relay functions, Form C contacts, 3A resistive
  • Calibration contact span/zero, Form A normally open contact, 3A resistive
  • 12 VDC output to drive remotely operated calibration valves (Customer supplied valves and 24 VDC signal to instrument)
  • Self diagnostics with Form C failure alarm contacts
  • Full duplex RS-232C communication link
  • Five digit oxygen concentration LED display
  • 2 x 20 alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent display for setup and diagnostics
  • 316 stainless steel sampling system
  • Sample flow indicator and control valve
  • Universal power supply: 85-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz​​​​


Range ​3 range customer selectable
(Minimum 0-1 ppm FS)
​Accuracy ​± 100 ppb if the instrument is not zeroed (at constant temperature)
​Sensitivity ​0.5% of FS
​Response Time ​90% of FS at 77°F (25°C)
10 seconds for 0-1,000 ppm or higher ranges
60 seconds for 0-10 ppm range
100 seconds for 0-1 ppm range
Temperature Operating:       50° to 95°F (5° to 35°C)
Sample:           32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
​Output ​Signal:              Analytical measurement 0-1 VDC and isolated 4-20 mADC
Range ID:         0-1 VDC and isolated 4-20 mADC
​Power ​Universal AC input ranges, 85-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
​Inlet Pressure ​Min 2-3 psig
​Dimensions ​Case:                 8.70″W x 6.96″H x 12.2″D
(221 x 176.8 x 309.9 mm)
Front Panel:     10.79″W x 7.46″H
(274.1 x 189.5 mm)
​Display ​Analysis:           5 digit red LED, 3/5″ high numerals
Menu:                20 character, 2 line vacuum fluorescent
Data Lines:       Bi-directional RS-232C serial interface, baud rate 2400


  • ​Air liquefaction and separation
  • Pure, gaseous hydrocarbon stream monitoring
  • Semi conductor manufacturing
  • Gas purity certification
  • Protective atmospheric blanketing of primary liquid feedstock and flammable liquids
  • Process monitoring of gaseous monomers​​
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