Purge & Pressurization Systems for Electrical Enclosures


Expo is a world leader in the design and manufacture of purge & pressurization systems for electrical enclosures, analysers and other equipment.

All electrical equipment used in hazardous areas is required to be certified using a recognised protection method. While users may have a choice of methods for protection, purge and pressurization (Ex p) is the simplest and most flexible solution

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Expo Technologies

Range Overview

Expo’s purge and pressurization systems will allow your electrical equipment to be used in most hazardous areas with virtually no limitations on the type of equipment that can be protected.

Our systems are approved for use in gas and dust environments under ATEX, IECEx, NEC and most other certification schemes for Zone 1&2, 21 & 22; Class I Div 1&2, Class II Div 1&2; Class I Zone 1&2, Class II Zone 21 and 22.

Flammable gas or vapour hazards – our purge and pressurization systems can operate in two modes:

Leakage Compensation (LC) – the most commonly used, this method purges the enclosure with a high flow for a preset time, then reduces the flow to a level sufficient to maintain overpressure, compensating for any enclosure leakage.

Continuous Flow (CF) – Once purge is completed, the high purge flow rate is maintained into the enclosure. This is typically used when the enclosure contains a source of flammable gas, such as a gas analyser, and dilution is required as part of compliance with the certification standard.

Dust hazards –  dust purges are required to operate as pressurization systems only.

Environmental Pressurization Systems – Some non-hazardous environments can still be harmful to electrical equipment if dirt, dust or corrosive gases build up inside the enclosure. Pressurization systems are used to prevent ingress into the enclosure.

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