SensAlert ASI Point Gas Detector

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SensAlert ASI provides enhanced protection and dependability for critical safety applications where personnel, processes, and facilities are at risk. The third-party certified SIL-2 SensAlert ASI offers dependability and versatility while remaining the easiest to install, commission, operate, and maintain.


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  • Critical Protection with Global Approval

    SensAlert ASI is third-party certified to IEC61508 Level 2 (SIL-2) for both hardware and software with certification to global hazardous area and performance standards. The Test-on-Demand feature with on-board gas generator provides remote functionality checks with generated gas while Predictive Sensor End-of-Life Indication provides advanced warning of impending sensor failure.

  • Unmatched Application Versatility

    SensAlert ASI is a universal instrument platform for toxic & combustible gas detection and oxygen monitoring. Intrinsically safe or explosion proof installation configurations with options for remote sensors and gassing, duct mount, and sample-draw maximize application versatility. The sensor head accepts all Plus Series sensors – utilizing infrared, catalytic bead, and electrochemical technologies, which detect a broad range of combustible gases & vapors, toxic & exotic gases, and oxygen deficiency or enrichment. Assignable and configurable relays together with communication options provide broad flexibility. The SensAlert ASI I.S. sensor head can be remote mounted up to 100 feet (30m) from the transmitter providing a useful option to position the transmitter in a personnel-accessible location while positioning the sensor closer to potential hazards.

  • Easy to Install, Commission, Operate, and Maintain

    SensAlert ASI is engineered to overcome the challenges users face with traditional gas detectors. The universal instrument platform for all gas and sensor types provides common installation for each point with vertical or horizontal installation options and removable plug-type terminal blocks to simplify wiring and commissioning. Transportable calibration enables sensor calibration and alarm set-up in a safe location, then installing sensors into the intrinsically safe sensor head without declassifying the area or removing power from the instrument. Plug-n-play capability automatically uploads operating parameters and diagnostics from the sensors upon sensor installation. Our Sensor Calibration & Exchange Program schedules delivery of factory calibrated sensors to the user’s plant or facility for a savings on maintenance and supply costs.


Intro to the SensAlert ASI 

Watch Video: How to Calibrate the SensAlert ASI in 3 Simple Steps

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