Universal II Level System


The Universal II is a two wire level transmitter that eliminates the need for line power in the field and saves costs for additional hardware. It provides reliable level measurements in all kinds of process liquids, slurries, granulars and interfaces.

When powered from an approved source this level transmitter can be made intrinsically safe.

Its rugged contruction resists corrosion and abraision. The no moving parts design eliminates break downs.

The Universal II level transmitter utilizes RF Admittance technology with manual calibration and a 4 – 20 mA output signal. The patented Cote-Shield circuitry ensures accuracy and reliability regardless of product build-up on the level transmitter.

This level system is unaffected by changes in the process material density, pressure, or temperature variations.

With the most comprehensive line of standard sensing elements in the industry, each Universal II level measurement system is configured to meet the specifications of your particular application even in the harshest of environments.


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Ametek Drexelbrook

Features & Type

Key Features
• No calibration shifts due to changes in temperature or material densities
• Can be remotely mounted up to 100 feet from the sensing element
• Available as intrinsically safe systems
• Output: 4-20 mAdc
• Supply voltage: 11.5-50 VDC at transmitter

Product Type
Liquid level sensor, Granular level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Interface level sensor, Continuous level sensor, Tank level indicator, Water level sensor, Water level switch, Level gauge, Level system, Level transmitter


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